• Initial Consultation

    Our journey begins with a conversation. We want to hear about your company and its unique dynamics, your challenges, and goals. We’ll listen, ask questions and gather the context needed to propose next steps.

  • Planning

    After a review of the proposal we’ll further align on the outcomes and the scope of work.

  • Deliver

    With the scope of work agreed to, the fun now begins as we roll up our sleeves to deliver on the outcomes.  See our list of service offerings for what that can look like.

  • Monitoring & Adjustment

    After the initial delivery, we can support any next steps or implementation to monitor progress and continue to solve OR and make necessary adjustments.

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Trust, Transparency, Leadership, Engagement, Simplicity and above all else, rock hard abs. I mean, having fun while doing it.

If you value our collective experience and would like us to review your team dynamics, let’s chat.



What ways will you work with leaders and their teams?

We like to get right on the field with our teams. We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty. In certain contexts, we will meet and get to know your team members to deeply understand what they are experiencing. We’ll attend team meetings, have 1 on 1s and provide actionable coaching and feedback.

What does implementation look like?

If implementation is part of the scope of work, we’ll support your key leader(s) and guide them as they implement the strategy within the organization. This can look like weekly follow-ups, on-call as needed, or a more hands on approach.

How do you determine the timeline for a project?

We like to move fast, timelines are tailored to your specific goals and requirements. After the initial assessment, we provide a realistic timeline, considering the complexity of the task, your resources, and desired outcomes.

Can we adjust the project timeline if our needs change?

Of course! We understand that business needs evolve day to day, week to week, month to month. We maintain flexibility in our approach to accommodate changes, ensuring that we remain aligned with your current objectives and constraints.

What happens if we need additional support after the project is completed?

Ongoing support is part of our commitment to your success. We offer follow-up consultations, additional training sessions, and can discuss extended support or new projects to continue driving your team's effectiveness.

"Adam, Erik, and Theresa from Clifden Consulting are seasoned industry experts who transformed many struggling teams into high achievers.

They excel in identifying and rectifying deteriorated systems and outdated mindsets. With a keen eye on team dynamics and tensions, they devise practical, vision-oriented plans for better team effectiveness.

Forget generic self-help guides; Clifden Consulting delves into the nuances of each individual, crafting personalized solutions for unique goals. Their wisdom is invaluable in revolutionizing team performance."

- Ryan Corkum | Sr. Lead EcoSystem Operations | Shopify

See what’s possible

You may not be there yet, and that's okay. If you're envisioning a team environment where barriers equal opportunities, where levity lifts productivity, and where challenges are met with collective brilliance, let Clifden guide you on this journey together.